Biodegradable Disposable Sugarcane Bagasse Paper Plates

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  • xiamen
  • 30 days
  • 100000 pcs/day

By choosing sugarcane pulp paper plates, customers actively help to reduce deforestation and minimize the carbon footprint associated with traditional paper or plastic plates. It’s a small but impactful action towards a more sustainable future.

Disposable Round Kraft Paper Soup Cups:

  1. Sugarcane pulp paper plates are made from renewable sugarcane pulp, reducing the reliance on traditional paper or plastic plates. By choosing sugarcane pulp paper plates, customers contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

  2. Sturdy and durable: Despite being made from natural fibers, sugarcane pulp paper plates are sturdy and reliable. They can comfortably hold various types of food, including hot, greasy, or liquid dishes, without compromising their structural integrity.

  3. Microwavable and freezer-safe: Sugarcane pulp paper plates are microwavable and freezer-safe. Customers can easily heat up or store their meals without having to transfer to another container, saving time and effort

  4. Natural and aesthetic appeal: The light brown color and natural texture of sugarcane pulp paper plates add a touch of elegance and aesthetic appeal to any table setting. They provide a rustic and eco-friendly look for various occasions, from casual gatherings to formal events.

Item: Bagasse pulp paper plate

6" / 7" / 8" / 9" / 10"


Food tray plate

Printing Handling:


Round \ Square \ Oval
Colors: White 
Lid: PP Lid / PET Lid / Paper Lid
MOQ: 30000 PCS
Port: Xiamen Port
Brand Name: Orderpack or your brand
Samples: We provide free spot samples

sugarcane plates

(Bagasse product)

Size Description:

itemSIZE mmSIZE inchpcs/ctn
Round food plate 6"Φ155*H15Φ6.1*H0.6"1000
Round food plate 7"Φ176*H16Φ6.9*H0.6"1000
Round food plate 8"Φ197*H19.6Φ7.7*H0.7"500
Round food plate 9"Φ225*H20Φ8.8*H0.8"500
Round food plate 10"Φ254*H20Φ10*H0.8"500
Oval Plate S253*190*H25mm10*7.5*H1"500
Oval Plate M317*252*H25mm12*10*H1"500
Square Plate 6"160*160*16mm6.3*6.3*0.6"500
Square Plate 8"200*200*16mm7.8*7.8*0.6"500
Square Plate 10"260*260*20mm10*10*0.8"500

bagasse plate

(Pizza container bagasse plate)

sugarcane bagasse plates

(Food grade bagasse paper plate)

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