Greaseproof Deli Food Sandwich Burger Wrap Paper

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Hamburger wrapping paper is an unsung hero in the world of fast food. Its practicality, ability to maintain temperature and freshness, and contribution to the overall dining experience make it an indispensable part of our favorite guilty pleasure.

Burger / Sandwich wrapping paper:

  1. Hamburger wrapping paper serves a dual purpose – practicality and presentation. On the practical side, it acts as a protective barrier between the burger and our hands, preventing any unwanted mess. Its grease-resistant properties ensure that we can enjoy our meal without worrying about greasy fingers or stains on our clothes.

  2. Not only does hamburger paper keep our hands clean, but it also maintains the burger's temperature and freshness. The paper's insulation properties help to retain heat, ensuring that our burgers arrive warm and delicious. In addition, it acts as a moisture barrier, preventing the burger from becoming soggy and maintaining its texture until the last bite.

  3. Beyond its practicality, hamburger wrapping paper plays a crucial role in the presentation of our fast food. It's no secret that we eat with our eyes first, and the sight of a perfectly wrapped burger can make our mouths water. The paper's vibrant colors and branded designs create an enticing visual appeal, enhancing our overall dining experience.

  4. Moreover, hamburger paper serves as a marketing tool for fast-food establishments. With the brand's logo and name prominently displayed on the wrapping paper, it becomes a walking advertisement, leaving a lasting impression on customers. This subtle branding technique helps to reinforce brand recognition and loyalty among consumers.

Item: Burger Wrapper Paper



Burger 、Sandwich 、French chicken

Printing Handling:

Flexo printing / Off-set printing

Food Grade Paper coated PE 、 Wax paper
Single wall
Colors: Custom
Lid: \
MOQ: 50000 PCS
Port: Xiamen Port
Brand Name: Orderpack or your brand
Samples: We provide free spot samples

food packaging paper

(Burger wrapping paper)

Size Description:

deli paper

(Kraft sandwich paper)

polyethylene paper

(French chicken paper)

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