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Explore the characteristics of sandwich packaging greaseproof paper

2024-06-24 13:00

Sandwich packaging greaseproof paper is a high-quality packaging material designed for sandwiches, hamburgers, baked goods, etc. It not only has excellent greaseproof and waterproof properties, but also can enhance the brand image through personalized customization services, increase the visual appeal of food and customer satisfaction. The following are some characteristics of sandwich paper packaging.

sandwich packaging paper

1. Highly efficient oil and water resistance

Sandwich packaging paper uses high-quality base paper and special coating process, with excellent oil and water resistance, ensuring that food is not oily and water-permeable, keeping food fresh and packaging neat.

sandwich paper packaging

2. OEM & ODM service

Sandwich packaging greaseproof paper provides a variety of specifications, sizes and patterns to choose from, and supports personalized design customization. OrderPack can print brand LOGO, slogans, unique patterns, etc. according to customer needs to enhance brand image and recognition.

sandwich packaging greaseproof paper

3. Safe and durable

Sandwich packaging greaseproof paper uses food-grade environmentally friendly materials, is non-toxic and harmless, meets international food safety standards, ensures the safety of direct contact with food, and allows consumers to use it with confidence. Sandwich packaging paper is tough and not easy to break, which can effectively protect the integrity and beauty of food during transportation and storage.

sandwich packaging paper

4. Environmentally friendly and degradable

Paper sandwich packaging uses environmentally friendly and degradable materials, which conforms to the concept of green environmental protection. It is easy to handle after use, reduces environmental pollution, and meets the environmental protection needs of modern consumers.

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