14oz Clear PET Plastic Drinking Coffee Cups With Lids

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A PET cold drink cup is a type of cup used to serve cold beverages, typically made from Polyethylene terephthalate (PET).PET cold drink cups are suitable for serving a wide range of cold beverages, including soda, iced tea, juices, smoothies, and more.

Disposable PET Coffee Cups:

  1. High transparency: PET material has excellent transparency, allowing customers to see the drink inside clearly, increasing the appeal and desire to purchase.

  2. Lightweight and durable: PET cold drink cups are lighter compared to glass cups and have sufficient durability, making them less prone to breakage or deformation.

  3. Disposable and recyclable: PET cold drink cups are designed for single-use purposes, and they are also recyclable, promoting environmental sustainability.

  4. Wide range of sizes: PET cold drink cups come in various sizes, allowing customers to choose the appropriate portion for their drink.

  5. Secure lid options: PET cold drink cups often come with secure lids that prevent spills or leakage, making them suitable for takeout or on-the-go consumption.

Item:PET Cold Cup

8 oz / 10 oz / 10oz / 12 oz / 16 oz / 20 oz


Coffee 、Cold cup 、 Milk tea

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Single wall
Lid:PET Lid
MOQ:30000 PCS
Port:Xiamen Port
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plastic cup

(Disposable Cola Cup)

Size Description:

itemvolumeSIZE mmSIZE inchpcs/ctn
PET cup 12oz (D89)380 mlT89*B57*H1083.5*2.2*4.3"1000
PET cup 14oz (D89)400 mlT89*B56*H1153.5*2.2*4.5"1000
PET cup 16oz (D89)480 mlT89*B53*H1373.5*2.1*5.4"1000
PET Cup 12oz (D98)340 mlT98*B60*H913.9*2.4*3.6"1000
PET Cup 14oz (D98)380 mlT98*B60*H1073.9*2.4*4.2"1000
PET Cup 16oz (D98)550 mlT98*B65*H1213.9*2.6*4.8"1000
U-PET CUP 12oz350 mlT:89 B:44 H:923.5*1.7*3.6"1000
U-PET CUP 14oz380 mlT:89 B:44 H:95.53.5*1.7*3.8"1000
U-PET CUP 16oZ475 mlT:89 B:44 H:1183.5*1.7*4.6"1000
PET Flat lid 89mmPET,2.3gΦ89mmΦ3.5"1000
PET Dome lid 89mmPET,3.0gΦ89mmΦ3.5"1000
PET Dome Lid (D98)PET 4.0gΦ98mmΦ3.9"1000
PET Flat Lid (D98)PET 2.8gΦ98mmΦ3.9"1000

14oz cups

(U-Black Cup )

plastic cups with lids

(PET Coffee Cup)

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