cardboard paper packaging box hamburgers containers

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  • Xiamen . Fujian
  • 30 Days
  • 50000 pcs/day

The White Cardboard Burger Box is an essential packaging solution for the fast-food industry. With different styles and sizes, to meet your more needs to support custom styles if you need to customize contact customer service.

Burger Packaging Box Containers:

1. Classic and authentic design: 

The paper American-style hamburger box features a classic and authentic design that captures the essence of American-style hamburgers, 

adding a touch of nostalgia and authenticity to the dining experience.

2. Environmentally friendly choice: 

Made from eco-friendly paper materials, the paper American-style hamburger box is a sustainable choice that aligns with 

the growing demand for environmentally conscious packaging options.

3. Branding and customization opportunities: 

The paper American-style hamburger box can be customized and branded with logos, designs, and promotional messages, 

offering an excellent opportunity for restaurants to enhance their brand visibility and create a memorable dining experience for customers. 

Various product specifications to meet your customized needs

For your satisfaction, we carefully do every packaging products to dispel all your concerns

It can be a powerful marketing tool that helps differentiate the restaurant from competitors and leaves a lasting impression on customers.

4.The use of food grade cardboard film can be in direct contact with food, safe and assured! Use soybean ink to draw, reduce odor support customization, if need customization contact customer service

Item:Burger Box Containers


Application:Burger / Hamburger / Hot Dog
Printing Handling:

Flexo printing / Off-set printing

Food Grade Paper coated PE or PLA 
Single wall / Ripple
Colors:Brown kraft / White cardboard
MOQ:30000 PCS
Port:Xiamen Port
Brand Name:Orderpack or your brand
Samples:We provide free spot samples

burger box

(Ripple burger box)

Size Description:

itemTop-H mmTop-H inchpcs/ctn
Corrugated Burger box 1#105*102*854.1*4*3.3"250
Corrugated Burger box 2#120*120*1004.7*4.7*3.9"150
Corrugated Burger box 3#178*160*807*6.3*3.1"150
Corrugated Burger box 4#132*126*1005.2*5*3.9"200
Corrugated Burger box 5#160*156*1026.3*6.1*4"200
Kraft Burger Box-S100*100*703.9*3.9*2.8"250
Kraft Burger Box-M120*120*804.7*4.7*3.1"250
Kraft Burger Box-L160*155*906.3*6.1*3.5"200

burger box packagingburger containers

(White cardboard burger box)

burger box

(Clamshell print burger box)

Hamburger Packaging Box are used both in restaurants and take away orders while keeping the temperature of food and representing your brand by the print on box.

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