Kraft Paper Togo Bento Sushi Packaging Box With Lid

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  • 100000 pcs/day

Designed specifically for restaurants, this innovative paper sushi box offers a range of benefits that can greatly enhance the dining experience for both customers and staff. Its main feature, the sturdy cover, provides a protective barrier, ensuring the freshness and quality of the sushi inside.

Disposable Kraft Paper Sushi Box:

  1. Four-sided double-layer design:Double-layer design, more solid and durable than the general single-layer boat box

  2. Thickened Kraft Paper:Using 300~350 grams of paper thickness, good strength, right Angle folding durable

  3. Another noteworthy aspect of the covered sushi box is its eco-friendliness. Many restaurants today are striving to reduce their environmental footprint, and this sushi box aligns perfectly with that goal. Made from recyclable materials, it can be easily disposed of without causing harm to the environment.

  4. Furthermore, the covered sushi box can be branded with the restaurant's logo or design, adding a touch of professionalism and reinforcing brand identity. This can help restaurants to create a memorable and consistent experience for their customers.

Item: Kraft Sushi box

2# / 3# / 4# / 5# / 6#


Sushi 、 Cake 、 Sandwich

Printing Handling:

Off-set printing

Food Grade Paper coated PE
Single wall
Colors: Brown kraft / White cardboard
Lid:  PET Lid 
MOQ: 30000 PCS
Port: Xiamen Port
Brand Name: Orderpack or your brand
Samples: We provide free spot samples

sushi box

(Cake box with PET lid)

Size Description:

itemvolumeTop-H mmTop-H inchpcs/ctn
2#Food Paper Tray 2#155*85*356.1*3.3*1.4"1000
Rectangular Pet Lid155*856.1*3.3"1000
3#Food Paper Tray 3#190*85*357.5*3.3*1.4"1000
Rectangular Pet Lid190*857.5*3.3"1000
4#Food Paper Tray 4#135*125 *355.3*4.9*1.4"1000
Rectangular Pet Lid135*1255.3*4.9"1000
5#Food Paper Tray 5#185*130*457.3*5.1*1.8"500
Rectangular Pet Lid185*1307.3*5.1"500
6#Food Paper Tray 6#220*160*458.7*6.3*1.8"500
Rectangular Pet Lid220*1608.7*6.3"500

sushi togo box

(More size disposable sushi box)

takeaway box

(Sushi container)

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