Single Wall Disposable 4oz Paper Coffee Cups With Lids

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The disposable single wal paper cup offers an eco-friendly material, convenience, hygiene, cost-effectiveness, and a variety of capacity options. It meets the beverage needs of consumers and businesses while reducing environmental impact. Choose the single wall paper cup as a sustainable and practical choice for your beverage enjoyment.

1. Eco-friendly material: 

The single wall paper cup is typically made from sustainable pulp material, making it a more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic cups. 

By choosing single wall paper cups, you can reduce plastic pollution and contribute to a greener planet.

2. Convenience: The lightweight and portable nature of the single wall paper cup makes it incredibly convenient for on-the-go use. 

Whether you're at a coffee shop, office, school, or outdoor event, it allows for easy and hassle-free enjoyment of beverages.

3. Hygiene and safety: 

Disposable single wall paper cups undergo strict hygiene processing to ensure the safety of your beverages. 

They are clean and sanitary, eliminating the need for washing and sterilizing, which saves time and effort.

4. Cost-effective: Single wall paper cups are often available at affordable prices, making them a cost-effective choice, especially for large-scale usage. 

Businesses can save on cleaning and maintenance costs, improving overall efficiency.

5. Various capacity options: 

Disposable single wall paper cups are available in a range of capacities, catering to different beverage types and consumer preferences. 

Whether it's a small cup of coffee or a large cold drink, there is a suitable size for every need.

Item:Disposable paper single wall coffee cup

1.5oz / 3oz / 4oz / 6oz / 7oz / 8oz / 9oz / 10oz / 12oz / 16oz / 20oz / 21oz / 22oz / 24oz / 26oz / 32oz


Coffee cup , Tea , Beverages

Printing Handling:

Embossing/UV Coating/Varnishing

/Stamping/Matt Lamination/ Gold Foil

Food Grade Paper coated PE or PLA 
Single wall / Double wall / Ripple wall
Flexo printing / Off-set printing
Colors:Brown kraft / White cardboard / Coustom
Lid:PP Lid / Paper Lid / PLA Lid
MOQ:30000 PCS
Port:Xiamen Port
Brand Name:Orderpack or your brand
Samples:We provide free spot samples

paper cup

(White paper coffee cup)

Size Description:

itemvolumeT-B-H mmT-B-H inchpcs/ctn
Single Wall Cup1.5 oz52*37*422*1.5*1.7"5000
Single Wall Cup2 oz50*35*482*1.4*1.9"5000
Single Wall Cup3 oz53*43*522.1*1.7*2"2000
Single Wall Cup4 oz63*44*642.5*1.7*2.5"1000
Single Wall Cup6 oz72*52*732.8*2*2.9"1000
Single Wall Cup6.5 oz70*50*782.8*2*3.1"1000
Single Wall Cup7 oz74*52*832.9*2*3.3"1000
Single Wall Cup7.5 oz75*47*933*1.9*3.7"1000
Single Wall Cup8 oz80*55*923.1*2.2*3.6"1000
Single Wall Cup9 oz78*52*933.1*2*3.7"1000
Single Wall Cup10 oz90*60*903.5*2.4*3.5"1000
Single Wall Cup12 oz90*60*1103.5*2.4*4.3"1000
Single Wall Cup16 oz90*61*1353.5*2.4*5.3"1000
Single Wall Cup20 oz90*61*1503.5*2.4*5.9"1000
Single Wall Cup22 oz90*61*1683.5*2.4*6.6"1000
Single Wall Cup32 oz105*71*1804.1*2.8*7.1"500

4oz cups

(Hot coffee cup)

disposable cups

(Custom print paper cup)

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