White Brown Kraft 750cc Disposable Square Paper Bowl

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With its unique octagonal shape and eco-friendly kraft paper material, the octagonal kraft paper bowl is a versatile choice for any food establishment. This innovative bowl has garnered significant attention from the market, resulting in high sales and positive customer feedback.

The octagonal kraft paper bowl is the latest design of this year :

1. Unique shape: 

Unlike traditional round or rectangular bowls, the octagonal shape of the kraft paper bowl stands out with its distinctive eight-sided design. 

This unique shape adds a fresh and eye-catching appeal to food presentation.

2. Eco-friendly material: 

Crafted from environmentally friendly kraft paper, the octagonal bowl is a sustainable choice. 

Kraft paper is a biodegradable and natural material that generates less environmental impact compared to plastic containers.

3. Multiple size options: 

The octagonal kraft paper bowl is available in seven different sizes. 

Whether it's for small side dishes or generous main courses, there is a suitable size to meet various dining needs.

4. Heat-resistant and leak-proof: 

The octagonal kraft paper bowl undergoes special treatment to enhance its heat-resistant properties, making it suitable for serving hot food. 

Additionally, it features excellent leak-proof performance, effectively preventing food spillage or leakage.

5. Versatile applications: 

The octagonal kraft paper bowl serves various purposes beyond traditional restaurant and take-out services. 

It is ideal for serving rice, fast food, salads, noodles, and more. 

The thoughtful design makes it convenient for food arrangement and easy to carry, providing users with a hassle-free dining experience.

Now, I know what you're thinking. "But what about the cost? Surely, such a groundbreaking invention must come with a hefty price tag!" Fear not, my frugal friends! 

The square paper bowl is not only functional and stylish, but it's also affordable. You won't have to break the bank to add a touch of quirkiness to your dining experience.

Item:New square kraft paper container

300 ML / 400 ML / 500 ML / 650 ML / 750 ML / 1000 ML /1200 ML


Fried rice bowl, salad bowl, Noodle box

Food Grade Paper coated PE
Single wall 
Off-set printing
Colors:Brown kraft / White cardboard
Lid: PET Lid 
MOQ:30000 PCS
Port:Xiamen Port
Brand Name:Orderpack or your brand
Samples:We provide free spot samples

white paper bowls

(Square paper box with PET Lid)

Size Description:

itemvolumeT-B-H mm(with lid)T-B-H inch(with lid)pcs/ctn
10oz300 ml107*90*524.2*3.5*2"300
14oz400 ml123*103*534.8*4.1*2.1"300
18oz500 ml123*99*594.8*3.9*2.3"300
24oz650 ml134*110*625.3*4.3*2.4"300
26oz750 ml134*105*715.3*4.1*2.8"300
32oz1000 ml159*133*676.3*5.2*2.6"300
42oz1200 ml159*127*786.3*5*3.1"300
PET Lid10oz107*1074.2*4.2"300
14/18 oz123*1234.8*4.8"300
24/26 os134*1345.3*5.3"300
32/42 oz159*1596.3*6.3"300

750cc paper bowl

(400ml / 750ml / 1200ml kraft paper bowl with PET lid)

brown disposable bowls

(Disposable octagonal kraft paper box for cake)

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